Pepper Supports - Pack of 3

Pack of 3
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Hold up those giant yields


Peppers can be after-thoughts when it comes to providing support pens, poles, and cages. So eager are we to get the tomatoes taken care of, we forget that those tiny, lightweight green peppers we spy one morning can grow almost overnight into big, blocky bells or long, juicy bananas. That's why these new V-shaped galvanized wire supports are such a boom!

These vertical supports slide in right next to established, tall pepper plants to give them the help they need while the crop ripens. They are narrower at the base than at the top, mimicking the growth habit of the pepper plant. As your peppers branch and fruit, they become top-heavy, and these wire fences give them the horizontal and vertical support they need to hold up even big crops of heavy, blocky sweet bells.

Of course, Pepper Supports are for peppers in name only. They also work well with other vining vegetable plants, as well as flowering and decorative climbers and twiners. Try planting a "wall" of nasturtiums in the rear of the annual bed, or let your sweet peas twine upwards, sharing their beauty and fragrance with the garden. They are tremendously useful to young Clematis, which need a bit of vertical support but not necessarily a full-sized trellis.

Each Pepper Support reaches 30 inches high, and is just 6 inches wide at the base. You should need only one per plant, but for a particularly heavy crop of larger fruit, you might want a second on the other side of the plant. Adaptable, easy, and very long-lasting, these will be your go-to vertical supports for all young and compact vining plants.

NOTE: Always use caution when handling metal supports as some edges may be sharp


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Item Form Pack of 3
Size Pack of 3
Height 2 ft 6 in
Width 6 in
Additional Characteristics Plant Supports
Occasion All Occasion
Recipient Gifts for Gardeners
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