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Pepper Seeds

Low in calories, high in vitamin C—and easy to grow!

From sweet and spicy to downright sizzling, we have the perfect pepper for you!

When choosing peppers, you'll look at flavor, color, size, and heat level. In garden salads, your choices include sweet peppers, bell and pimento, as well as some banana and cherry varieties. If heat is what you want, try one of our hot pepper seed varieties like habanero, jalapeno, Anaheim, or Hungarian peppers. Available in a rainbow of colors (green, yellow, red, orange, and purple), peppers are not only delicious, easy to grow, high in vitamin C, and relatively drought tolerant, but they're also great eye-candy!

Because the pepper plant is such an attractive plant with its colorful peppers, this is a plant that could be easily incorporated into the flower garden if space is an issue. They also make a great container plant. If you live in a cooler climate, you will need to start your pepper seeds indoors , or you can select from the available varieties Park Seed offers as plants. You can't go wrong with this popular plant: Peppers are often cited as one of the easiest plants to grow. Add peppers to your garden this year.