Tulip Perennial Delight Mix

Tulip Perennial Delight Mix

Earlier and Longer-lasting Darwin Hybrids!

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Want tulips that come back year after year? They can be hard to find, particularly if you live in a warm climate where many tulips are essentially annuals. That's one of the reasons this Perennial Delight Mix is so exciting. You get the very finest Darwin Hybrids in a Valentine's Day blend of red, rose, red-and-white, and light pink! They arise earlier than other Darwins and stay later. And oh, the longevity of these bulbs!

The varieties selected for Perennial Delight are early blooming and quite long-lasting. Darwin Hybrids are the rock stars of the tulip world, bigger and hardier and generally more vigorous than most other types, and the varieties in this blend represent the best of the best. You will be amazed by their size, vigor, and staying power!

These plants reach 18 to 22 inches high, and will naturalize over time in conditions where they are content. They should be planted in light, even sandy soil that is very well drained. Give them full sun everywhere but the south and west, where they appreciate a bit of shade for part of the day. Of course, they make ideal cut-flowers as well as garden standouts, so you may want to plant a few extra in the cutting garden or an inconspicuous part of the sunny border, where you can pick the flowers without affecting the look of the display.

So simple, so long-lasting, so beautiful! That's the beauty of Perennial Delight Mix. Enjoy the mix of bright and pastel tones in this mix for many seasons to come in the mid- to late spring garden! Zones 3-8. Pack of 10.