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Perennial Flowers

Gardeners know they can rely on Park Seed for a wide variety of quality vegetable seeds, but we also offer a huge selection of perennial flowers for cutting gardens, pollinator gardens, and yes, … vegetable gardens. Growing perennials in the vegetable garden has many benefits. Of course, perennial flowers beautify the vegetable garden, but they also diversify it, making the garden healthier and more robust, increasing yields. While some perennials attract beneficial predator insects, others deter harmful pests. And strongly fragranced flowers not only make garden chores more pleasant, but they can also run interference for vulnerable crops by luring pests away. Some of these garden helpers smother weeds, saving you time and energy, and some add nitrogen to the soil, acting as natural fertilizer. But perhaps best of all, perennial flowers attract the butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds we all love.

Perennial flowers are extremely versatile, offering something for just about any location—sunny or shady, moist or dry—and any environment—hot or cold, humid or arid. And perennial flowers offer much more than good looks. Many are tough, hard-working problem solvers. Whether an area of erosion; barren soil where lawn grasses dare not grow; a wet, boggy pond perimeter; or a drought prone Zone, perennials rise to the challenge.

Our selection has something for everyone. So, whether you’re looking for old-fashioned favorites or the new, novel, or up-and-coming, you’ll find them right here.