Perennial Seeds

Perennials not only enhance our gardens; they also enhance our lives

A diverse garden is a robust garden. Growing perennials in the vegetable garden has many benefits, not least of which is larger yields from increased pollinator activity. While some perennials attract beneficial predator insects, others deter harmful pests. And strongly fragranced flowers not only make garden chores more pleasant but also run interference for vulnerable crops by luring pests away. Some of these garden helpers smother weeds, saving you time and energy, and some add nitrogen to the soil, acting as natural fertilizer.

Planting perennial seeds makes our gardens healthier and makes us happier. The colorful blooms that come from seed brighten our gardens as well as our spirits and fill our vases very economically. And planting with staggering bloom times offers those benefits season after season, year after year. Growing plants from seed is not only budget friendly but also highly rewarding. And using a tool like the Bio Dome maximizes seed-starting success and increases gardening satisfaction, and just makes gardening a fun and educational activity the whole family can enjoy. Nurturing seedlings into an abundant garden brimming with beautiful flowers and delicious, nutritious vegetables is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures that only gardeners get to know.