Perennials Under $15

Not just a deal, these perennials are a steal!

Perennials are an excellent value at almost any price. Endlessly rewarding, perennials come back year after year, growing more robust, getting bigger and better. Many last for years and years, some for decades, becoming almost as beloved as the family pet. Some have spreading habits and/or self-seed, multiplying for free, giving you even more bang for your buck.

There’s no doubt that perennials are an investment that pays off over time, but many are garden guardians that also save us money by making our vegetable gardens more productive. Whether a native bee-haunted bush or butterfly-attracting blossoms, perennials bring in the pollinators that make our gardens heathier and more productive, which means larger yields of vegetables, herbs, and berries. Some of these garden helpers deter harmful pests, while some attract beneficial predator bugs—like ladybugs, which devour hundreds of aphids every day! (Your roses will thank you for that.) But some also smother weeds, saving you time and energy.

Choose from ground covers to climbing vines, and everything in between. And at these prices, why not go all out and try something fun and frivolous? At $15 and under, these power-packed perennials are a steal!