Perfect Pickler Fermenting Kit

Perfect Pickler Fermenting Kit

The No-Boil Way to Pickle!

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Pickle your homegrown veggies without boiling the jars! Just place this jar-top kit on top of a wide-mouth Mason jar, add your veggies, water, salt, and any spices you desire, and within minutes you are on your way to delicious pickles that last for months!

The Perfect Pickler Fermenting Kit is ideal for those of us who may put up a half dozen or so jars a season. We don't need the full complement of equipment, let alone have the time to boil, sterilize, seal, and generally work ourselves to death in the kitchen for such a small harvest! With this kit, we can get the pickles bottled up in no time and be back in the garden before sundown!

So here's how it works: the jar-top kit fits onto any wide-mouth Mason jar -- 1/2 pint, 1 pint, and 1 quart, and 2 quart jars all fit. It creates an airtight seal to prevent contamination during the process. There's even a "brine cup" to catch leaking! You just funnel your ingredients through the jar-top attachment, then close up your jars. Perfect pickles every time!

In this kit you get 2 complete fermenting systems, which contain the following:

• 2 ClearView AirLocks

• 2 Wide-mouth fermenting lids

• 2 NoSpill fermenting gaskets

• 2 Wide-mouth storage lids

• 2 storage gaskets

• 1/4 pound salt

• DVD explaining the pickling process

• Clear, simple instructions.

You'll have fun pickling your garden harvest, and even more fun serving it for supper and gifting it for the holidays! Stock up on these kits and experiment with pickling non-traditional veggies, too!