Perfume Delight™ Hybrid Tea Rose

Perfume Delight™ Hybrid Tea Rose

Its rich Old Damask Rose fragrance and heavy rebloom make this hybrid tea exceptional.

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Rose cultivars come and go, but very occasionally a classic arises and remains, becoming more beloved with each passing season. Such is the fate of 'Perfume Delight', a repeat-flowering hybrid tea introduced in 1974 (when it was promptly named an All America Rose Selection) and still among the most valuable for color, scent, and bloom strength.

These perfectly symmetrical, whorled blooms arise from pointed ovoid buds, swirling open into high-centered blooms 4 1/2 to 5 inches wide. Held on long, straight 15-inch stems, they are the quintessential cutting rose, the long-stemmed beauty most people think of when they hear the word "rose." And 'Perfume Delight' earns its name with a strong fragrant reminiscent of Old Damask Roses from grandmother's garden. Rich, heady, and intense, the scent is astonishing.

Unlike most hybrid teas, which offer just one season of color, 'Perfume Delight' repeats in midsummer after several weeks' rest from its main (and heavier) late spring and early summer show. In some climates it may even encore again in late summer. Remarkably vigorous for a Rose bred 35 years ago, it is a true treasure.

'Perfume Delight' measures 3 feet high and wide, making a fine container choice (a pair on the patio or at either side of the garden entrance is particularly stunning). It also fares well in the garden as a foreground planting for taller, leggier cultivars. Given full sunshine, good drainage, and enriched soil, this is a robust performer, guaranteed to delight for many, many seasons to come. And why not? One parent was the Peace Rose, while the other was a cross of R. 'Happiness' x R. 'Chrysler Imperial' -- an impeccable pedigree that outdid itself in its offspring! Zones 6-10.