Pergola Planter

Pergola Planter

Planter, Trellis, Archway-the Pergola Planter Does it All!

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Safe Finish
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Pergola and planters all-in-one is a durable, highly functional planter that makes a terrific entrance piece and trellis for growing flowers and veggies or accommodating climbing plants. Whether it's the appeal of the Pergola construction or the usefulness of the planters that attracts you, this item is the perfect solution to a welcoming archway and looks charming against an outdoor patio or garden area, even in the center of a garden for an upscale touch.

Hand-made in the United States from 100% genuine Western Red Cedar , this Pergola with Planter will arrive right to your front door and will offer simple instructions for fast assembly. A Safe or Natural Finish option; Natural is unfinished, bare hardwood, allowing you to apply any type of paint color or stain, or even the option to allow it to weather and develop a worn look ;Safe Finish is covered in a Garden Oil that's organic and natural and designed to protect the integrity of the structure while keeping it safe for use while growing vegetables.

This arbor and planter box are handcrafted in the U.S.A. out of 100 percent Western Red Cedar. They come shipped to your door in four boxes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions. Safe Finish or Natural Finish. The Natural finish is bare wood that you can apply your own paint or finish to, or allow to weather naturally. The Safe Finish is a Cedar Garden Oil that protects the wood while being completely food safe so that you can grow vegetables in it without a second thought!

Dimensions: 96" High x 36" Deep x 120" Wide. Weight: 229 pounds.