Perkeo Canna - Pack of 3

Perkeo Canna - Pack of 3

This Designer Canna Even Self-Cleans!

Pack of 3
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Everything about this Canna is just a little prettier, easier, and neater than others! Perkeo is the perfect name for this variety, for it's an eye-opener, pick-me-up, mood-elevator of a perennial, sporting an extra-long bloom season, colorful flowerstems, and slightly ruffled foliage! What next?!

Reaching 3 to 4 feet tall, this plant doesn't display the sprawling, blowsy habit of older Cannas. Instead, it is neat and upright, with fresh green foliage that is held up and out, with beautifully rippled edges. The flowerstalks emerge with maroon and red markings, really showing off in the sunny bed or container. And the flowers are the crowning delight!

These blooms open carmine with prominent deep orange markings -- very showy and unusual! They mature to a rich, deep shade of pink, eventually losing their highlights, but they still look neat and cute at the center of the plant. And the best part? They self-clean!

For anyone who has spent time deadheading Cannas, trimming away the browning foliage, and generally keeping this tropical perennial in shape, self-cleaning is a huge benefit! Now you can enjoy those months of flowers and fresh foliage without reaching for the shears!

Hardy only in zones 8-11, this Canna can be grown in containers and moved to a frost-free location in cooler climates. It loves sunshine and needs plenty of water. For best flowering, pamper it with fertilizer, too. Then sit back and bask in months of tropical blooms!