Medium Perma-Nest Plant Trays

Medium Perma-Nest Plant Trays

Germinate Seeds, Root Cuttings, and Grow on Seedlings!

Medium Trays (3)
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These are the sturdy, washable, endlessly re-usable seed starting trays professional growers use for healthy seedlings every time! Large enough to begin several dozen seedlings each, these Perma-Nest Trays never rot or rust. Best of all, they are steep-sided, so you can give your seedlings a chance to develop a good, healthy root system before transplanting!

Constructed of durable light green plastic and easy to clean, these trays stack for storage. Use them for germinating seeds, rooting cuttings, starting bulbs, growing on seedlings, and even holding potted plants on a heat mat or under grow lights (or both) during winter.

Perma-Nest is a name gardeners and professional growers alike can trust. They are the best in the business, and very reasonably priced. You will find yourself using these trays for many, many seasons to come.

And to increase your growing success even more, consider pairing these trays with fitted humidity domes. The molded clear plastic domes enable seeds to germinate more quickly and seedlings to grow on, even in cold rooms, with greater vigor. Removable and easy to clean and store, they are a great companion to your Perma-Nest Trays! Set of 3.