Persea Avocado Hass

Persea Avocado Hass

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The Hass Avocado Tree produces exceptional fruit and would make an excellent specimen tree for your yard! This variety avocado tree has a lovely upright and spreading habit and its dark green, glossy leaves lend an attractive, tropical appeal to your garden or landscape. The fruit itself has green, bumpy skin that provides a lovely contrast to the lighter creamy flesh within. The fruits of the Hass Avocado have a sweet, buttery flavor that compliments almost any dish. You will love having this healthy snack on hand.

Whether you enjoy avocados in a dip, sliced onto a sandwich, or simply sprinkled with salt they are a wholesome treat that tastes like an indulgence. Their creamy texture and delicate flavor make them a perfect addition to a variety of recipes and they're chocked full of health benefits. Just imagine bringing your own home-grown avocados to the next neighborhood event!