Petunia Seeds

Enjoy billowing blooms all summer!

Petunias have been a mainstay of the annual flower garden for many years. They are often used in hanging baskets as well, due to their trailing habit. Few annuals can equal the flower power of the petunia. Whether you choose the mounding, spreading or trailing varieties, your petunias will begin flowering with the first breath of summer and not quit until the chill of late fall. Use your petunias alone in a hanging basket, or use them in a container of mixed flowers with the petunias draping over the edge. Petunias will make a stunning display planted under your evergreen shrubs or used as a ground cover.

Here at Park Seed, we have many different types of petunias to suit every need. Try the wave variety of the petunia flower, which is fast-growing, easy care and covered with blooms throughout the season. This was a breakthrough petunia with its spreading habit and marvelous flowering. The purple wave, which was the first color this variety came in, measured two inches of growth per day! Today, the wave petunia comes in many colors that are just as vigorous. If you want more height, choose Tidal Wave, which is almost two feet tall and spreads as much as five feet.

Our petunias are available in colors from white, yellow, all shades of pink and salmon, all shades of lavender to purple and reds. We also have bicolor petunias and double petunias. Petunias are disease and pest resistant and heat tolerant. These are very low maintenance plants that will reward you with an amazing number of colorful flowers.

Park Seed provides the wave petunia seeds in the pelleted form to help ensure that each seed will successfully grow into beautiful additions to your garden. Get your hanging baskets, window boxes, flower pots and sunny garden beds ready for an explosion of soft color that just won't quit!