Pinata Climbing Rose

Pinata Climbing Rose

Grows as a Climber or a Shrub!

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It's like growing 3 or 4 different roses all twined up together! The blooms on this spectacular climber arise in bright gold, zesty orange, soft pink, and sizzling vermilion red! Held in large clusters, they repeat from late spring through summer and, in most climates, right into fall! Prepare to fall in love with Piñata!

Big clusters of floribunda blooms, each flower about 2½ inches wide and packed with up to 30 petals, open all over this vigorous, fast-growing shrub. Faintly fragrant (oh, that enticing old tea rose scent!), they may be any of the 4 warm-toned colors, with multiple colors present in a single cluster. Simply amazing -- as if you've gone around the garden and picked flowers from many different shrubs!

Piñata is a climbing rose, but it has a broad, sturdy habit and arching canes so that it can also be grown as a shrub, either by pruning it or letting the canes cascade dramatically toward the garden floor. If you want to use it as a climber, give it a vertical structure to twine up -- a trellis, arbor, pergola, or other support. (It is not a good choice for horizontal growth (such as along a fence) because of its dense, multi-branching base.) So nice to have several ways to use a single rose in the garden!

And here comes the best part: Piñata self-cleans its blooms, so you don't have to scramble up a ladder to reach those fading 8-foot-high flowers, AND it tolerates more shade than most other roses! Shade is the bane of most roses' existence, but as gardeners, we know how difficult it is to find a place in full sunshine that is also integrated into the rest of the landscape. Piñata solves the problem by putting up with dappled and light shade.

This shrub is very vigorous, assisted by plentiful thorns all along the canes. (Wear your garden gloves!) These thorns hint at its wild rose heritage, and not only keep nibbling pests away from Piñata, but also demonstrate how garden-tough this climber really is. The foliage is mid-green and leathery, with a good thick substance to discourage bugs and caterpillars from dining on it. This is a super-tough, ready-to-withstand-stresses shrub that will grow rapidly and bloom for many, many years in your garden!

Piñata comes to us from our friends at Jackson & Perkins, who got it from the Japanese breeder Seizo Suzuki in 1978. We consider it one of the neglected classics of the modern rose family. Give it a try and we think it will endear itself to you within a single season of trouble-free growth and beautiful blooms! Zones 6-9.