Pink Enchantment® Eleganza® Hybrid Tea Rose

Pink Enchantment® Eleganza® Hybrid Tea Rose

Long, elegant stems make them perfect for the cut garden.

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Eleganza® roses combine classic hybrid tea blooms with the modern disease resistance of easy-care shrub roses! They offer stunningly beautiful blossoms, glossy green foliage and a generous bloom cycle.

This rose truly is like something right out of a fairy tale! Each magical blossom measures 4 inches wide, delighting with delicate creamy pink petals, with dark pink crenate edges and bright pink centers. Arising in flushes throughout the season, they sit atop long, elegant, cutflower-perfect stems, filling the garden with their charming color and lovely fragrance.

Opening from long, pointed, ovoid buds, the ruffled blooms arise in flushes throughout the season, looking like jewels set against the healthy semi-glossy, dark green foliage. The bushy, upright plants reach 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall and best of all, they're highly disease resistant, especially to blackspot. This is one enchanting rose you'll want in your garden, from beds and borders to patio containers.

Prune in spring, removing old canes and dead or damaged wood and cutting back canes that cross each other. In warmer climates, the remaining canes can be cut back by one third. You'll probably have to prune a bit more in colder climates, where it will also benefit from winter protection. Apply a controlled release fertilizer in early spring. Plant in moist, well-drained soil in full sun. Zones 5-9. Var: KORsouba (Plant Patent #21,247).