White Pixie™ Patio Grape

White Pixie™ Patio Grape

A Bright Patio-sized Delight!

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Urban and container gardeners, rejoice! There is finally a grape you can grow right on your patio! This dwarf deciduous grape vine is fast growing and very compact, reaching a mere 2 feet tall and a foot wide. Settled among papery green, oak-like leaves are clusters of bright yellow fruits that hold on the plant for months and charm the eyes and tantalize the tongue.The gleaming nearly-seedless orbs have a crisp sweetness that is simply irresistible and you'll find yourself filling your hands with them knowing their saccharine goodness is also good for you.

This vine is self-pollinating and very resistant to powdery mildew. It is also quite cold hardy, a rare charm for grapes. Inconspicuous green blooms appear in spring and then expect fresh ripened fruit in summer. It's a breeze to maintain and makes an nice creative gift for green-thumbed friends and loved ones.