Plant Labels

Don't forget to label your plants!

Label your plants!

It's happened to all of us. That tray of plants we sowed so lovingly, tended so carefully, and then, around March, began to wonder about . . . Were they Pot Marigolds or Tomatoes? When choosing and sowing our seeds we think we can't possibly forget anything about them, but then life takes over, and we do. Avoid this problem -- and keep good records of when you sowed the seeds as well as what they are! -- with plant labels.

I'm a fan of wooden labels, both because they're earth-friendly and because they remind me of the popsicle sticks we used in our garden when I was a child. These White Birch tags are a cut above plain old sticks, though. They have an eco-friendly veneer that lets them stand up to many seasons of rain and frost, and if you use Park's Waterproof Marker to label them, you'll be able to read them as clearly the third year as you could when you sowed them! They're just the right size for the seed tray, too -- you can use several per tray without casting long shadows over the seedlings or cluttering up the place too much!

4-inch White Birch Plant Tags
Park's Waterproof Marker

Plastic Labels

We also carry Lifetime Labels of weatherproof white plastic, and I'll tell you why. Not only are they dirt cheap, but you can use our Waterproof Marker on them for the life of your plant, then pull them out of the soil and wash the writing off with a scouring pad! There's truly no reason to ever throw them out . . . which appeals to my sense of thrift and eco-awareness!

Lifetime Labels 4 1/2"

Have fun starting your garden indoors! Whichever way you choose to start your Park seeds and grow your seedlings, please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help! Seed starting is very easy once you know how, and we believe it's the most satisfying way to garden. (We know it's the most economical!) So experiment a little, have fun, and let us know how your garden grew!

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