Plant Tags White Birch 4-inch - Pack of 50

Plant Tags White Birch 4-inch - Pack of 50

No plastic here! Just white birchwood, treated with eco-friendly veneer for a long life!

4-inch (Pack of 50)
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Isn't it strange that as gardeners we spend so much time growing good things from the earth, yet find ourselves stuck using plastic, metal, and other non-biodegradables in our garden?! Plastic plant tags are among the worst culprits -- ugly, breakable, yet utterly indestructible in landfills. We've tried popsicle sticks and index cards instead, but they're too flimsy in rough spring weather. So it's high time we had these White Birch Tags, an eco-friendly alternative that lasts a long, long time (thanks to an environmentally safe white veneer) and is sized just for seedlings!

Most plant tags are about 8 inches tall, a good size for seeing among the lower branches of a mature plant, but much too much for seedlings. Tall plant tags tend to block the sunlight from young sprouts (not to mention how they look!). So we've discovered these 5/8-inch-wide, 4-inch-long white birchwood tags instead. Treated with an eco-friendly veneer, they last season after season in rain and wind and frost, yet they don't "take over" your seedlings' space!

You'll find you have plenty of room to write all the info you need on these tags, and you can sink them safely into your seedling flats and jiffy strips without worrying about them snapping or blocking the light. They transfer effortlessly to the garden with your young plant, and can be used for the life of the plant or replaced with their taller 8-inch cousins. At last, a plant tag you can feel good about in the garden!

Use a waterproof marking pen with these tags. The wood grain picks up and holds marks well, for many seasons of clear, legible plant info. Good-bye to washed-out seed packets, bleached notes, and "mystery" plants!

The White Birch Plant Tags come in packages of 50. Try a few packets this season and I guarantee you'll be back for more! Made in the USA.

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