Plantskydd® Deer Repellent Powder

Plantskydd® Deer Repellent Powder

Works on deer, elk, moose, rabbits, and possums!

4 qt.
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You've probably just about given up on finding a really effective deer repellent -- I know; I was there 4 years ago. We ended up fencing much of our yard after deer began coming right into the driveway to graze almost fearlessly during the drought! Well, those days are over, thanks to this incredible repellent from Sweden. I can't tell you what a difference it's made -- I not only use it on my home garden, but in the 9-acre trial gardens, which is truly the best test of any repellent's effectiveness!

This all-natural, 100% environmentally safe powder is simply the best I've ever found -- and I've tried them all. Mix it according to package directions, then spray it right onto the plants you want to protect without worrying about burn or other damage. Keep the plants dry for 24 hours (no watering, and if there's an unexpected rainfall, re-apply when the foliage has dried out.) It becomes rainfast after a day, so you DON'T have to rush out after every thunderstorm and reapply! In fact, during the growing season this repellent lasts up to 3 months, and during dormancy it's good for a full 6 months!

The active ingredient in Plantskydd is dried porcine and bovine blood, which repels browsing deer and other animals BEFORE they bite your plants. Environmentally safe, containing no synthetic additives, non-toxic to pets and to the environment, Plantskydd® is a completely safe method of keeping deer away from your garden before they take their first nibble. Apply it when the new spring growth emerges, re-apply as summer approaches and again in midsummer, and nibbling marauders will never set hoof into your garden all season!

And you can garden and entertain outdoors with Plantskydd® -- there is no unpleasant odor. When you first apply the spray to your plants, some leaves may darken, but this will vanish within about 3 days, and there is no other effect. Oh, and keep the family dog indoors for the first 24 hours after you spray -- he will LOVE Plantskydd and will attempt to lick it off all your plants! It won't hurt him, of course, but you don't want him undoing all your good work!

Plantskydd® Animal Repellent is safe for use in protecting fruit, vegetables, and other food crops against browse damage. Once plant bears fruit, do not apply directly onto edible parts of fruit, vegetables, and other food crops. Wash fruits and vegetables before eating. The Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) has listed Plantskydd® soluble powder as suitable for use in the production of organic foods.

You will love spraying just once every few months instead of after every rainfall -- this makes Plantskydd® far more economical than most animal repellents. The real advantage, though, is simple. Plantskydd WORKS. One-pound box of powdered concentrate makes 4 quarts. Protects over 400 plants/seedlings 1-foot high.