Poco™ Orange Red Hot Poker

Poco™ Orange Red Hot Poker

Big Orange Color Stands Out in Small Gardens or Borders!

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Small in size, Poco Orange delivers big in color from mid-summer into October! If you love orange, you'll love this dwarf Red-Hot Poker!

Bred for short, grassy leaves and a compact, clumping habit, Poco Orange stands out in any environment with its bright orange flowers with blazing, red tips beaming through green foliage. Outstanding as a color spot, in mass plantings, or as a vertical accent at the front of borders, it grows quickly in the spring before flowering in July. Several inches shorter than Mango Popsicle, a Kniphofia with similar bright orange flower spikes, it grows to less than 2 feet at maximum height.

An extremely bold groundcover, Poco Orange attracts hummingbirds while undisturbed by deer and other wildlife. Thriving in full sun, it is day neutral and blooms with heat and high light. Drought tolerant, it requires only average soil and water, making it an ideal companion to many Salvias.