Polar Express™ Sunbelt®

Polar Express™ Sunbelt®

These long-lasting blooms emerge continuously throughout the season!

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There's nothing chilly about these warm cream colored blooms! At the first signs of spring these snow white roses will break free from their buds and show off their winter white petals. The creaminess of their color is hard to find anywhere else and it contrasts beautifully against semi-glossy, green foliage on a upright habit. Easy to grow and maintain in many climates, these large and full flowers are sure to catch the eye. This rose is happy to perform as a landscape addition, a climber, or in a lovely pot so you can plant it anywhere you need some beautiful white blooms.

Disease resistant, resistant to blackspot and mildew, and easy to grow, you just can't go wrong with the Sunbelt® Collection and Polar Express™ is no exception! Thriving in hot and humid climates, this beautiful rose is perfect for the southern regions too. You will not be disappointed by this hardy and stunning rose.