Pole Bean Seeds

Grow more beans using less space

Your productive food and veggie garden needs pole beans. Growing pole beans from seed is easy and, due to their habit, they are space-savers in the garden, too. Trail vines up a trellis, support, or structure as the pole bean seeds quickly germinate, develop, and mature. When you plant pole bean seeds you can expect long crop periods and heavy yields. No wonder bean seeds are one of the most popular vegetables to grow in American gardens year after year. The lovely, delicate-looking flowers and the attractive vining plant are additional reasons for the popularity of growing pole beans in backyard and small space gardens.

A must-have for your vegetable harvest, sow seeds in spring after the threat of frost has passed and then plant another crop to harvest in fall. You’ll enjoy more plants per seed packet when you plant seeds from Park Seed due to our proven superior germination. Get maximum harvests, save time, and minimize effort in the garden when you grow beans. Download the gardening planning app, Seed to Spoon, from Park Seed to simplify and modernize your gardening processes. You can search for seeds, record what you have planted, and get customized growing information all on your phone. No more notebook or pencil needed but put that gardening notebook on the shelf to show the future or current grandkids how gardening used to be done.

Pole beans are fun, too. You can train them up a garden support and do your calisthenics as you harvest beans from ground level to over your head, depending on the pole bean seed variety you choose. You can even guide them up a large tower to create a shelter for your kids and grandkids to play in and provide a space for shade if your potted plants need a respite from the sun. Pole bean seeds develop quickly to cover a trellis or tunnel, underneath which you might even sneak off for an afternoon nap.