Pop-Net Screen Mesh

Pop-Net Screen Mesh

Keeps Birds and Animals Out of the Garden!

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Protect your valuable plants in seconds with this amazing pop-up structure! Pop-net instantly creates an enclosed space, 40 inches high, 40 inches long, and 20 inches high, in which to grow your vegetables, fruits, and just-transplanted seedlings. It's the 24-hour protection you've been looking for, without all the fuss about building a tent!

This mesh screening lets in sunlight, air, and water, but excludes birds and nibbling animals. The 1/8-inch mesh is dense enough to keep out even flying pests, yet your plants won't miss an iota of rainfall, sunlight, or water.

Pop-Net fastens securely in the soil on all 4 corners. Sturdy loops hold 6-inch stakes (included) that sink deep into the ground to keep the net from blowing away even in strong winds. And it assembles and disassembles in seconds, enabling you to move it around as you plant out new crops all season long.

If you have a vegetable patch, raised bed, or any portion of the garden vulnerable to trampling or nibbling, you've simply got to get Pop-Net!

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