Portland Terrarium

Portland Terrarium

Garden in a Jar!

32 oz glass
Item # 26104
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What a terrific way to introduce someone to the joy (and simplicity!) of terrarium growing! This sturdy Mason jar is filled with everything you need to build your terrarium environment. Easy-to-follow illustrated instructions are included. It's the ideal gift for all ages!

In this kit you get a 32-ounce Mason Jar filled to the brim with assorted stones (for drainage), orchid bark (for moisture absorption), soil (for planting, root growth, and nutrition), and preserved forest moss (a decorative mulch that also helps the soil retain moisture). Just empty the contents of the jar onto a table and follow the instructions for layering it in. Then add your favorite seeds or plants, and you're off and running!

A great gift even for a young child, the Portland Terrarium looks as good as it works. You will want to find a special place to display it . . . or better yet, share the wealth by picking up several as holiday gifts. Such fun!