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Dark Red Norland Potato - 2LB Bag

Dark Red Norland Potato - 2LB Bag

Certified seed potato sets | Ready in just 70 days

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Days to Maturity: 70 (early maturing variety)


Dark Red Norland produces heavy yields of top-quality cooking spuds. The extra-large tubers are uniform, having an oval to round, slightly flattened shape; smooth, thin red skins and small shallow to medium eyes (easy for peeling); and fine-quality white flesh. They are excellent boiling potatoes, great for salads, but are quite tasty fried.

Determinate, the plant is compact, with a vining, spreading and slightly erect habit, ideal for small gardens. It is hardy to Zone 3 and disease resistant. It grows best in sandy loam soil that is well-drained. It does not do well in soggy soil. Fertilize at the time of planting and mound soil over plants as they emerge to protect tubers.

These seed potato sets may be stored several weeks longer prior to planting and will produce up to 20 percent more than precut potatoes.