Potatoes for Your Garden... and Patio!

The #1 non-grain crop grown worldwide, potatoes are finally getting the respect they deserve in American home gardens. You don't need a field to grow this nutritious and incredibly varied tuber (root vegetable). Any clean 2- to 3-foot high container with drainage holes in the base will serve to grow a bumper crop of taters, and to harvest them. All you do is turn the container over and watch the potatoes spill out.

From russet to red, fingerlings to exotic blue and purple varieties, we have heirloom varieties as well as classics and exciting newcomers. We also have a great selection of sweet potatoes (yams) and even ornamental sweet potato vines. We have a lot to thank the potato family for in the garden.

Our potatoes are shipped at proper planting time for your climate, so you don't have to worry about refrigeration or frost dates. We even offer potatoes from seeds, which you can begin indoors and transplant into the garden or container.

Browse all of Park's Potatoes and choose your favorites. Before you know it, you'll be harvesting a bumper crop of the world's most popular root vegetable.
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