Primula vulgaris Belarina® Pink Ice

Primula vulgaris Belarina® Pink Ice

Hardy and easy to grow!

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Primula is also known as primrose and they are an absolute delight for your garden. The sizable double blossoms open white and then take on a joyful lilac pink blush color. They bloom profusely throughout the spring season atop the compact, bright green foliage. The sterile flowers result in a plant that is incredibly long blooming. They prefer full sun or part shade consistent watering. They look incredible in your shady beds and a borders and are quite hardy in the landscape. You can also plant a few in combination containers and windowsill pots if you're short on space or your just want to view these stunning blooms up close. Where ever you plant 'Pink Ice' it will charm you and your guests.

• Color will vary depending on light levels.
• Part Shade and filtered light will allow for more saturated pink flowers.
• Shade will allow for subtle pale pink flowers.
• Plants will arrive in the subtle pale pink color.