Park Seed Seedling Fertilizer

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Help your seeds sprout and grow their very best


Help your seeds sprout and grow their very best

This is the seedling formula we have used here at Park Seed for many, many years to help grow millions of seedlings. We have found it to be the absolute best for getting new seedlings off to a great start in life. You won't believe the power in this little packet of blue crystals.

Using this Park Seed Seedling Fertilizer is simple. Just drop a little bit into the water at the base of your Bio Dome, or mix it into the watering can if you are using seed flats or other methods to start your plants. We like it in the Dome, because we can pop it in before the seeds even sprout, and they will begin to take it up as soon as their roots start growing.

Park Seed Seedling Fertilizer is a 20-20-20 NPK solution with chelated trace elements. Water-soluble, it is colored blue to be instantly recognizable (and to look different from other powders you might have at hand, such as rooting hormone). It dissolves instantly and distributes evenly for maximum effectiveness.

Why do we offer Park Seed Seedling Fertilizer in a refill size? We now have so many gardeners who use and love the fertilizer and they insisted on refills of the "blue stuff" and we know you will love it too.

This nutrient blend is specially formulated to keep your seedlings growing into vigorous, healthy plants. Growing time is short, and this plant food is the best start in life you can give your new sprouts.


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Size 5 Ounce
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