Profusion Double Flower Collection

Profusion Double Flower Collection

One of the easiest seeds to start, and certainly among the most colorful plants to grow.

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In the years since the Profusion series was introduced, we have grown it every year in our trials (new colors keep coming along, giving us a great excuse!). Every year at Flower Day gardeners make a beeline for these plants and shower them with praise. We might go so far as to say it's the most photographed row in the trials -- it's certainly the most admired. And no wonder -- where else can you find a bushy, well-branched yet dwarf Zinnia that covers itself with blooms for months on end, even during the blistering heat and humidity of a southern summer?

This collection includes, Profusion Double White Zinnia Seeds, Fire Zinnia, Deep Salmon, Golden, Cherry, Hot Cherry. Profusion is a landscaping series, designed for large plantings -- unlike the cut-flower or bedding zinnia, it is a dense, bushy, many-flowered little plant that covers ground AND fills the garden with color into the bargain!

Profusion is highly tolerant of powdery mildew and other foliage diseases, and laughs at heat, humidity, and drought. We are proud to give Profusion our highest recommendation for garden-worthiness. And you should certainly plan a mixed design of Profusions, now that there are so many wonderful colors to choose from!