Lavandula Provence

Lavandula Provence

Highly Fragrant and Exceptionally Beautiful!

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If you have ever wished that your English Lavender were just a bit more adaptable, less prone to fungus in humid and rainy weather, and generally more robust, 'Provence' is the plant you have been waiting for. It's a cultivar of Lavandin, the disease-resistant, bushy form of Lavender grown by the acre in France. Taller, wider, and more adaptable than English Lavender, it is an excellent choice for gardens where heat and moisture have posed problems for other Lavandula cultivars.

Beautiful in its own right, 'Provence' regales you with dark purple blooms on thick stalks, towering majestically above elegant gray-green foliage. If cut promptly, these blooms will repeat for 3 months or more, while you enjoy fresh and dried bouquets indoors.

'Provence' is best when planted in large drifts, the aromatic, evergreen gray-green foliage remaining attractive and healthy from spring until frost. This perennial reaches 3 feet high and an astonishing 6 feet wide, standing up to heat, humidity, and drought wonderfully. Deer don't like it, so you can plant it in open and woodland settings. Just give it excellent drainage and plenty of sunshine, and it will flower profusely from midsummer through early fall! Highly recommended. Zone 5-8.