Complete Mix Giant Exhibition Coleus Seeds Budget-friendly, Living Holiday Gifts to Start Right Now!

The holiday season wreaks havoc on even the most carefully planned budgets, but with a little advance planning, it's possible to create beautiful, meaningful gifts . . . and have a lot of fun doing it, says Park Seed Brand Manager Sue Amatangelo.

This is the perfect time to begin your living holiday gifts for the special people in your life. Growing new plants from existing ones from your own garden is a warm and wonderful way to create a one of a kind holiday gift that shows friends and family how special they are to you.

Summer annuals such as Geraniums, Begonias, and Impatiens are very easy to root from cuttings, and make lovely flowering houseplants for winter. Amatangelo explains that rooting cuttings is done by snipping a stem with several sets of leaves from your plant, removing the lower leaves, and dipping the cut end of the stem into potting soil. Rooting hormone can be used to enhance the process, but is not necessary for the annuals listed above. "These plants are so easy to root from cuttings, they make a great project for kids," says Amatangelo. "And for gardeners, it's a great way to renew your favorite plants for next year. Just give the cuttings a little water and low light until you see new growth. Then place them in a sunny window, feed and water regularly, and by the holidays, they will be well-branched and possibly even blooming!"

Autumn is also seed-saving time in the garden. To gather seeds from your blooming plants, simply tie a paper bag around the flower heads, give it a shake every few days, and when you hear the rattling sound of loose seeds, you will know the harvest is in! These seeds can then be labeled, packaged attractively in holiday wrap, and given to gardening friends with simple instructions for sowing.

Finally, now is a great time to sow seeds for winter houseplants. Polka Dot Plant (Hypoestes) and Coleus are two annuals that offer bright, colorful foliage, and are very easy to start from seed. Cover nursery pots with holiday wrapping paper to create a festive look for the young plants, giving friends and family a unique living gift they can enjoy all year!

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Happy gardening!