MUSHROOM KITS Grow Mushrooms Indoors this Winter! (it's incredibly easy!)

Cold weather outdoors doesn't have to put a stop to home vegetable gardening indoors! In addition to kitchen windowsill herbs and lettuces, gourmet mushrooms are a great indoor winter crop. Very simple to grow, they mature quickly, occupy almost no space, and taste much fresher and more succulent than store-bought varieties.

The secret is to begin with either a mushroom kit or a starter culture, reports Sue Amatangelo, Brand Manager of Park Seed, a mail-order and ecommerce home gardening company offering both kits and starters. "Anyone of any age, including first timers, can be successful with these kits. They are fun, easy, and so portable that you can even tuck them under your desk at work. They redefine 'foolproof.'"

So how do they work? The kit arrives with fresh mushroom spawn already planted in the growing medium (such as wheat straw, hardwood sawdust, or a compost/soil mix). To start the mushrooms, you simply open the bag and mist the growing medium. Within weeks, you can harvest your first crop!

Another option for indoor mushroom growing involves using household compost as the growing medium. Park Seed sends you the mushroom spawn, fresh and ready to grow. You place it onto your composted wood, paper, aged vegetable matter, coffee grounds, etc., and the mushrooms begin to grow! Easy instructions are included, and you can decide how much and where you want to grow your crops.

"Growing mushrooms is a great family project," Amatangelo remarks, "especially for children who don't like to get their hands dirty in the garden. If you start a kit of Golden Oyster Mushrooms over Thanksgiving, for instance, you’ll have the first crop ready to eat with the holiday meal! A family project that spans two holidays and is both delicious and nutritious."

And what about when spring comes and the vegetable garden is underway outdoors again? "Oh, we've got spawn for that too," laughs Amatangelo. "Anyone who has a fresh-cut hardwood stump or log in their yard can grow shiitake mushrooms for a decade or more with a single planting!"

Sounds like there is no excuse not to grow gourmet mushrooms year-round at home!

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Happy gardening!