Silver Bouquet Lungwort

Silver Bouquet Lungwort

Flowers change from pink to blue as they mature!

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Have a shady area in your garden that needs a makeover? Hostas are always a go-to for foliage, but what if you want amazing blooms and interesting foliage? Pulmonaria (Lungwort) is here to save the day!

Silver Bouquet is a remarkable Lungwort. Its tiny blooms open in clusters of pink, then gradually mature to deep blue! Very striking against the silvery foliage, especially when part of the cluster is still pink while the rest is turning blue! Very few flowers in the garden are such chameleons!

Best in shade, Silver Bouquet appreciates moist, enriched soil. Make sure the soil never completely dries out. It makes a fine container choice as well. Enjoy this unusual and quite beautiful perennial!