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Purple Fiction Crocus

Purple Fiction Crocus

A Royal Blend of purple, lavender, and white

Pack of 20
Item # 36467-PK-20
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A blend of deep purple, soft lavender, and dazzling white, this large-flowered Purple Fiction Crocus is low to the ground yet very bright and eye-catching in the early spring garden. Big cup-shaped blooms create a carpet of sparkling color that wakes up the garden from its long winter slumber and promises another season of glory!

Just 4 inches high but boasting chalice-shaped blooms that stretch 2 to 3 inches wide (quite large by Crocus standards!), Purple Fiction Crocus mix offers 3 of the best large-flowered Crocus varieties you can find -- not to mention the most compatible! The two shades of purple are complemented perfectly by the snowy white, and all have the same height and bloom time, so you get a dazzling show every time.

These plants spread 4 to 6 inches wide, and will naturalize if content, so you may want to space them farther apart than necessary and allow them to fill in. If quicker, more dense coverage is desired, plant 9 bulbs per square foot. Presto: instant spring carpet, often arising before the last snow is gone from the garden!

Purple Fiction will do best in full sun, but it doesn't mind a bit of dappled shade, either. Like most bulbs, it is very self-sufficient, needing little attention from you beyond planting in well-drained, reasonably fertile garden soil. Nature will do the rest!

Park Seed bulbs are grown and cured in Holland, then shipped fresh to you at proper planting time in fall. In this pack you receive 20 bulbs, an assortment of all 3 colors. Economical and easy, Crocus should be an integral part of your spring-blooming bulb garden! Order today. Zones 4-7. Pk of 20.