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Purple Tiger Floribunda Rose

Purple Tiger Floribunda Rose

Antique Rose Fragrance, Merrily Striped Blooms

Dramatic and utterly unique, Purple Tiger is a rose to be treasured as a low hedge, a border or foundation standout, or even a container choice. This floribunda delights with unusual striped mauve to purple blooms and an antique rose fragrance.

Merrily streaked, striped, and dotted with white, these large double blooms are each slightly different from one another. Held in large clusters, they present an ever-varying palette you will enjoy admiring up close in the vase, on the patio in a large tub or whiskey barrel, and in the garden. And you'll have plenty of opportunity to do so, because Purple Tiger repeats all season!

The fragrance of this floribunda is exceptional as well. Very powerful, it evokes the gardens of the past with its antique-rose notes. So sweet, so unforgettable.

Grow this rose in moist, well-drained soil receiving full sun. If choosing a container, be sure to refresh the potting soil each spring. Feed and water Purple Tiger generously all season, and enjoy many years of glorious color.