Tulip Queensland

Tulip 'Queensland'

Every bloom is fully double and generously fringed!

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A portrait of elegance, 'Queensland' will mystify you with finely-fringed, fully double blooms. Absolutely breathtaking, these deep pink blooms appear rimed in threads of white frost, creating a truly one-of-a-kind look! The sophistication and beauty of these blooms makes them ideal for a specimen planting or cutflower arrangement, or a place in the landscape where they are sure to get the attention they deserve!

Like other tulips, 'Queensland' thrives in sunny spots, and is not picky about soil type so long as the drainage is good. Compacted or heavy clay soils tend to hold standing water, so amend these with grit, compost, or soil conditioner. Most Tulips are natives of Southern Russia which have subsequently been bred for generations by the Dutch bulb market, and this means that Tulips are adapted to serious winters: these cold-hardy bulbs actually thrive best when they get plenty of chill hours. In warmer zones (7 and 8), Tulips like more shade, with just some morning sun.

Plant tulip bulbs about 8 inches deep, and dig the hole even deeper so that you can add some grit like kitty litter or crushed gravel. This grit will help you achieve the drainage that is vital for tulip beds, and will also deter pests like rodents, which love to eat the bulbs. Water the bulbs in after planting, to help them break out of dormancy, but afterwards don't worry about watering;tulips thrive happily in dry conditions! Add 'Queensland' to your garden this fall, and its pink, frilled blooms will elevate the entire display with their spectacular beauty! Pack of 10 bulbs. Zones 3 to 8.