Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed

Rise Above the Weeds and Grass!

Large Safe Finish
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Medium Safe Finish
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At 13 inches high, these Elevated Garden Beds are going to transform the way grow and manage a garden! A lifted planting bed like this makes it so much easier for you to care for your plants with easy, less complicated access. No tilling or weeding this garden; saving you time and possible back pain from bending and stretching in a traditional garden.

The perfect solution to a deep-layered vegetable or flower garden, this device provides a natural border to prevent creepers so that they never dominate your yard. Elevated Garden Beds are perfect for plots smaller in size , and they are so simple to put together and manage. It is perfect for Square Foot Horticulture methods, and makes it easy for those with limited mobility to enjoy their favorite hobby.

Our Raised Garden Beds are made from completely authentic Western Red Cedar. They are proudly hand-made in the United States.

Choose from Natural or Safe Finish. The Natural finish is bare wood that you can apply your own paint or finish to, or allow to weather naturally. The Safe Finish is a Cedar Garden Oil that protects the wood while being completely food safe so that you can grow vegetables in it without a second thought!


Small: 34" Wide x 34" Long x 13" Tall; Weight: 36 pounds.

Medium: 48" Wide x 48" Long x 13" Tall; Weight: 50 pounds.

Large: 34" Wide x 95" Long x 13" High; Weight: 65 pounds.

Extra Large: 48" Wide x 95" Long x 13" High; Weight: 73 pounds.