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Fully double, the beautiful blooms of ranunculus (buttercup) are filled with a whorl of lush petals similar to a rose, but they are even more petal-packed and even longer lasting. The dense blooms of brightly colored, papery petals look like they were crafted by an origami master. This flower is a favorite of florists as the flowers are long-lasting and go well in a bouquet with any other flower. The ranunculus flowers are held above the foliage, which provides a backdrop of parsley-like leaves. These sun-loving perennials make a brilliant display in beds, borders or window boxes. If you want to plant your ranunculus in a container, remember that only two or three bulbs will fit in a 10-inch pot. But those ranunculus plants will produce up to 20 blooms each. Ranunculus blooms on tall stems, and the elegant, lightly fragrant flowers that are sure to attract pollinators and hummingbirds are held above the foliage.

Buttercups are only winter hardy to Zone 7, but the ranunculus bulbs for sale (actually tubers) are easy to overwinter indoors. The ranunculus plant also will do well grown as a houseplant.

Ranunculus can also be grown as an annual. Seeds can be started indoors, approximately six weeks before bloom time, and transplanted into the garden after the threat of frost has passed in spring. The most important thing to remember when moving your ranunculus plants outdoors is to transplant them into an area with good drainage. Ranunculus will not tolerate wet conditions. Keep the ranunculus plant deadheaded to encourage the production of more blooms. Ranunculus flowers make excellent cut flowers and will last a week or more in the vase.