RapiTest Digital Soil Test Kit

RapiTest Digital Soil Test Kit

Quick Test for the Long-term Health of Your Plants!

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Test your soil in minutes and enjoy healthy plants for years! This handy kit takes the guesswork out of amending your soil for the best possible growth, vigor, and bloom power in plants.

RapiTest Digital Soil Test Kit instantly reads the nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash of your soil, as well as the pH level. Here's how it works: whenever you buy a bag or bottle of plant food, you see three numbers across the front. These are the N (Nitrogen), P (Phosphorous), and K (Potash) strengths. The amount you need of each varies from plant to plant and even season to season. Nitrogen is essential for leaf growth and green coloration. Phosphorous helps with plant growth, fruit and seed development, and disease resistance. And Potash strengthens the plant from the roots up! pH, on the other hand, simply measures the degree of alkalinity or acidity in the soil. Some plants need more of one or another; a few, such as Hydrangea, will even change bloom color depending on pH!

With all this in mind, it's easy to see why a soil test can really benefit you before you plant out your garden. But it's also good for troubleshooting after you plant. If a plant is growing, coloring, flowering, or fruiting poorly, you can correct the soil once you know the specific mineral deficiencies.

This kit is easy to use, requiring only water and soil. The capsules included with the kit turn the test soil color within just minutes, and then you compare the color of the solution with the included color chart. It's that easy to get ideal soil for all your plants!

This kit includes 25 capsules, 4 color-coded test tubes, a storage rack, instructions, and a list of the nutrient requirements of 450 common garden plants.

Make the most of your garden with this simple and easy kit! 8 oz.