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Raspbery Joan J

Raspbery Joan J

Delicious juicy berry!

Pack of 3
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These deliciously large and easy to pick raspberries have a high yield! They are a perfect choice for northern gardens and have a beautiful white bloom color. They are self pollinating, sweet, and juicy! What more could you want in a raspberry?!These thornless raspberries are large and have an outstanding taste. 'Joan J' is firm and is easy to pick!

This shrub is very vigorous. Raspberries like full sun and good air circulation. They do best in enriched garden soil that is moisture retentive but well-drained. Plant about 3 feet apart in the row, or train up a trellis. Plant about 1 inch deep in heavy soils, 2 inches in loose, sandy soils. For best growth, cut back immediately after planting, to prevent the plant from setting fruit the first year. This will give you much stronger growth and better harvests in years to come. Water well during growth, and consider mulching to conserve water until the following spring, when the mulch should be removed to let the plants warm up. In winter, cut back to about 5 canes per crown.

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Still Early but Looking Healthy!
Glenda T. from KS wrote on June 26, 2019

My three-pack of Joan raspberry plants arrived just three weeks ago and I planted them in the bed I'd prepared with plenty of organic matter. In less than a week, tiny leaves were poking up from the soil. It's early still, but I'm thrilled with the robust growth! My raspberry plants arrived as bare roots, but the roots were very well developed -- long with lots of root fiber. I had to dig large holes just to allow the roots to have ample growing room. These are not wimpy roots! I've never had a problem with Park plants and seeds - everything does well. If any blossoms appear on the raspberries this summer, I know to pinch them off to help direct growth to the roots. Next year....well...let's just say my mouth is watering looking forward to it! I've ordered from Park for many years and I'll continue to do so -- I don't take chances with my plants -- I want the best and Park has always provided that.

Leaves poking through
Syldog from TX wrote on June 25, 2019

Fast shipping the plants were in good condition and the leaves are poking though with in a week of planting