Raw Hemp Sprouting Bag

Raw Hemp Sprouting Bag

Hang it on a kitchen cabinet knob!

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Well, here's a wonderful little gizmo we wish we'd had all these years! The Sprouting Bag is just what its name suggests: a 100% natural bag in which to sprout and grow your sprouting seeds of all kinds. We've never seen an easier nor healthier way to grow this nutritious crop!

The Sprouting Bag is made from raw hemp, a very breathable yet tough fabric that allows good air circulation among your sprouting seeds. Any excess water drains right from the bottom or sides of this bag, so you never have problems with mold or mildew. Just pour your seeds into the bag, dip it in water for about 30 seconds twice a day, and hang it up on a hook or knob so that it dangles free. The bag expands or contracts to fit its contents. It's lightweight and unbreakable. What could be simpler?!

The Sprouting Bag washes clean in a trice and is durable enough to last for years and years. Imagine -- no more struggling to sterilize jars or clean messy equipment! What could be easier? It holds as much as a ¾-gallon jar! Try it with your Rainbow Radish Sprout Blend, Watercress, Mung Beans, and Broccoli Sprouts. You'll be amazed at the fresher flavor and overall healthier look of your sprouts! We highly recommend this simple and effective product.