Recipe for Artichoke Relish

ARTICHOKE RELISH 1 peck root artichokes well scrubbed 3 3/4 quarts vinegar Brine: 2 cups salt to a gallon of water 3/4 quart water 2 quarts onions 4 cups sugar 1 bunch celery 1/4 cup dry mustard 8 bell peppers 8 tablespoons tumeric 11 tablespoon black pepper Soak artichokes in brine for several hours or overnight, then grind artichokes, onions, celery, and bell peppers. Add to this mixture cut up pimento or red peppers ( do not grind). Put in large kettle and add vinegar, water, sugar, and black pepper, except save enough water to make a smooth paste of the flour, mustard, and turmeric before putting these in. Cook, stirring constantly to prevent burning for about an hour or until it thickens and tastes done. Put in small glass jars, pouring paraffin over each jar to keep out the air or use self-sealing jars. This recipe was used each year for many years by Harriet Yarbrough's grandmother, Mrs. Frances Marion Dwight of Stateburg, who raised her own artichokes in the back yard, often using the yellow flowers in the house for decorations while the tubers were maturing. Many of these little jars of artichoke relish found their way into the homes of the neighborhood where Mrs. Dwight's husband practiced medicine around the turn of the century.