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Recycle-a-Wine-Bottle Watering Stake (pack of 2)

Recycle-a-Wine-Bottle Watering Stake (pack of 2)

Great for your Garden and the Planet!

7 inches terracotta
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Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. This nifty little gadget allows you to keep your container plants hydrated while also re-purposing your empty wine bottles, which are often quite beautiful as their colors catch the light. A simple terracotta stake that holds the long, slender neck of an upturned wine bottle perfectly, this device enable syou to go a week or more without watering! Hallelujah -- let's open another bottle to celebrate!

Wisely, this terracotta stake is not designed to screw or fasten onto the neck of a bottle. This makes it adaptable to many brands and types of wine (as well as other long-necked) bottles, and keeps soil from clogging the connection. Measuring about 7 inches long, it sinks into the soil around your plant, enabling water to drip out through a tiny hole in the pointed end. Plant roots stay hydrated, even in those baking summer months.

As all gardeners know, hydrated plants are healthier and perform much better than those that are stuck are in the wilt-and-revive cycle. But sometimes you simply can't get out there fast enough to prevent the soil from drying out, especially in crowded container plantings. Let your own wine bottles do the work! You can also mix fertilizer into the water, giving your plants a slow, even feed with their water. More time saving for you!

This pair of terracotta stakes would make a fun hostess gift (along with a bottle of wine, natch!), stocking stuffer, or door prize. Pick up a handful and watch how your plants perk up this summer! Then go on vacation fearlessly, knowing that the garden can take care of itself. Set of 2.