Red Alert Calla Lily

Red Alert Calla Lily

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An exquisite curved bloom that shades from bright scarlet to pure green, Red Alert is one of the most beautiful Callas of all. Eager to flower indoors or out, all it asks is continuously moist soil and a bit of shade!

Boasting finely speckled leaves that frame the blooms in lush color, Red Alert is a quick and easy-to-grow perennial in bulb form. It's hardy in zones 6 through 9, but you can grow it anywhere by starting the bulb in spring and bringing it indoors before first frost. And Calla is a dependable houseplant, brightening any sunny window from spring through fall!

These blooms (actually spathes) are elegantly curved, an unusual shape that adds distinction to any setting. And if you have moist, boggy, damp or waterside garden spots that need a bit of attention, Red Alert is the plant you will want to use. It loves wet feet!

Expect this Calla to reach up to 2 feet high, with good branching and multiple bloom stems. One of the very finest, it is both beautiful and reliable, a tough garden presence that also works indoors. Don't miss it! Zones 6-9.