Red Flesh Mountain Rose™ Apple Tree

Red Flesh Mountain Rose™ Apple Tree

Crunchy-sweet Apples Blushed in Red!

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Every garden needs an apple tree, and this dwarf beauty with unusual red flesh and generous yields is the perfect addition to any sunny setting! Make Mountain Rose™ a feature of your landscape this season!

The fruit is delicious and abundantly borne, with skins that combine blushes of yellow, green, and red. But when you bite into Mountain Rose™, you get the real surprise -- the flesh is blushed a pinkish red too, and so sugary! It's a crisp, crunchy bite you'll love!

And fruit is only one of Mountain Rose's™ treats. The other is abundant, beautiful pink spring blooms. They arise in midseason, and are so lovely! Pollinators flock to the tree, beginning another season of beauty and nectar in your sunny garden.

Mountain Rose™ reaches only 8 to 12 feet high and wide after a decade of growth. Its rootstock is M-26, a naturally dwarf type just right for home gardens. It thrives in full sun everywhere except the southern and westernmost areas of its hardiness range, where it prefers a bit of shade in the hottest time of day. And it starts bearing fruit just 2 to 3 years after you plant it!

Site Mountain Rose™ near another apple variety for best pollination; both varieties will flower and fruit more heavily together. When Mountain Rose™ matures, it will give you 30 to 50 pounds of fruit every year! And this apple is a late harvester, ripening in mid-fall in most climates. Store the apples in a cool, dry, dark location and they will last you all the way to spring!

Mountain Rose™ was discovered in an Oregon orchard, and grows very well in coastal regions as well as inland. Find a special place for this one and make "pink" applesauce, delicious pies, and so much more with this distinctive red flesh! Zones 4-8.