Red Gem Silverberry

Red Gem Silverberry

Juicy Flavorful Fruit on Handsome Shrub

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The eastern half of the world has always loved this fruitful shrub and now its time for the West to enjoy its bounty! Aromatic, dove-white flowers burst to life across the bush in May and draw in a steady stream of bees, making this a great choice for pollinator-friendly gardens. Bright red like cherries but with the oblong shape of grapes, the fruit of this shrub is charming to the eyes and flavorful on the tongue.

This shrub ripens its fruit in summer, consistently delivering 10 to 15 pounds of delicious berries each year. The foliage s a mild, silvery green, keeping Red Gem™ attractive even when not hosting flowers or fruit.

Red Gem™ is a deciduous, moderately sized shrub that is somewhat self-fertile and can live in poorer soil because it hosts nitrogen-fixing bacteria. It is virtually impervious to common pests and diseases, making it quite low maintenance. Expect it to begin bearing about 2 to 3 years after planting, and for many decades thereafter. The birds and bees will thank you for adding this productive, delicious shrub to your sunny garden!