Red Jade™ Red Currant

Red Jade™ Red Currant

The Best for Cool, Moist, Shady Spots!

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If you have well-drained soil in a cool, moist location of the garden, chances are you can grow this delicious red currant. It doesn't mind a bit of shade (especially farther south in its hardiness range), and it pollinates itself, so you only need one to bring you 10 to 20 pounds of ultra-nutritious, tasty currants every summer. Give this European delicacy a try in your American garden this season!

Red Jade™ is a spectacular red currant, its berries nearly translucent and borne in huge, pendulous clusters all over this upright shrub. Unlike other fruits, it colors up early, then needs another couple weeks' ripening time. What luck -- you get to enjoy those gorgeous berries a little longer before harvesting them!

This shrub reaches just 3 to 5 feet high and wide, and needs an annual late-winter cutback to set new fruit. But that's about it for maintenance. Currants are famously free from pests and diseases, unless of course you count the birds. Toss an anti-bird net over the shrub in early summer, when the currants are ripening, and you'll be fine. Or better yet, grow a Red Jade™ right beside your birdbath and watch the songbirds feast!

Red Jade™ is also attractive in spring, when the maple-shaped leaves arise and tiny yellow flowers open, signalling the beginning of fruit season. This shrub is deciduous, so you will have a bare winter silhouette, but it's gorgeous from spring through fall, offering shelter for birds as well as delicious fruit for you.

Find a special place for Red Jade™ and add these nutritious fruits to your diet beginning the first or second year after planting! Zones 3-8.