Red Kalanchoe Miniature Houseplant Set

Red Kalanchoe Miniature Houseplant Set

Instantly Brightens Any Room!

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Keep these gorgeous, easy-to-grow houseplants for yourself, or keep them on hand as emergency gifts for home and office! We are delighted to be able to offer a set of four mini plants, already potted up and growing merrily in yellow ceramic cachepots. Irresistible!

Kalanchoe is a succulent, and these minis are already nicely rooted and ready to bloom. They set a cluster of tiny red flowers on top of the foliage, and the blooms are quite long-lasting. Such a nice pop of color for desk, tabletop, and cubicle!

Caring for Kalanchoe is easy too: simply water them once every week or so. Do not let them sit in water or remain continuously moist; as succulents, they appreciate dry conditions between a good long drink.

Set these plants in a bright window or below fluorescents to stimulate growth and blooming. They will put up with a lot of neglect, and are some of the easiest and prettiest of all plants for indoor growing. Try them in a college dorm room, an entryway, a sunroom -- just about anywhere you need some fresh, living color!

This set contains 4 plants. Each ceramic cachepot measures 3" H x 2½" W x 2½" D.