Cornus Red Pygmy®

Cornus Red Pygmy®

The First Truly Dwarf Red Dogwood

The first truly dwarf red-flowered Dogwood, this ruddy darling stays under 3 feet for about 5 years and tops out at just about 7 feet. Compact enough to fit in places where other varieties would run amok, like a tight border or even a patio garden, it is the perfect accent for those smaller spaces where full-sized trees cannot grow.

Despite its short stature, Red Pygmy still produces normal-sized C. florida blooms that are 3 inches across (or more)! These lovely red cross-shaped blooms (actually bracts) are a pink-to-red color tipped in white. The extremely floriferous, dense heads of floral bracts create quite a spectacle on the dwarf foliage. These blooms appear around late May and hold on for 3 weeks or more!

This blushing darling will warm up any landscape with its rosy pink blooms in late spring and burnished red-orange leaves in fall. Let it grace your border, driveway, or path, and it will reward you with years of carmine colors! It even produces a bright red ornamental fruit in the fall.

Red Pygmy can be grown in well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. It prefers moist, organically rich, acidic soils and will benefit from a 2- to 4-inch layer of mulch, which helps keep the roots cool and moist in summer.

This plant exhibits great cold hardiness in field tests in zone 6. Zones 5 to 9. Give it full sun in the North and part-shade in the South.