Red Ribbons® Groundcover Rose

Red Ribbons® Groundcover Rose

Superb Cold Hardiness and Quick Spread!

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Red Ribbons® is a fabulous carpet of brilliant color for the sunny garden. Willing to repeat all season, covering itself in clusters of eye-catching crimson, it is a joy whether used as a "cover-up" for leggier taller roses or in solitary splendor as the dense, spreading beauty that it is. It quickly reaches 2¼ feet high and 4 feet wide, its dark green foliage looking fantastic even when not dotted with blooms.

Introduced in 1990 by Kordes of Germany, this rose immediately gained attention for its superb disease resistance and spirited color. The scent isn't much to write home about, but these 2½-inch semi- to fully double blooms, which open from charming pointed, ovoid buds, really have an impact, even from across the garden. They begin in early summer in most climates, and continue intermittently all the way through late summer. The plants are extremely tough and vigorous, proving themselves to be resistant to most diseases and pests and tolerant of cold, drought, heat, and humidity. This is one groundcover rose you want spreading throughout your beds and borders or spilling over the sides of containers. Var: 'KORtemma' (PP#9,115). Zones 4-9.